Spinal Manipulation Bill Introduced in House

Today, February 23, the Spinal Manipulation Bill was introduced in the House - HB 187. The lead sponsor in the House is again our champion Rep Nelson Dollar(R), along with other champions Susan Martin (R), Josh Dobson ( R), and John Torbitt ( R). HB 187 will eliminate the unnecessary requirement for a physician referral for a physical therapist to provide spinal manipulation. We want to get as many co-sponsors as we can, so we need your help NOW! If your State Representative was one of the co-sponsors listed above, please call or e-mail them and thank them. We have until next Monday to hopefully get 100 co-sponsors in the House. To find who your representative is go to

Who Represents Me  or download the APTA Action app on your phone.

This is our year! We are in an amazing position to eliminate the physician referral requirement for spinal manipulation which prevents your patients from getting the physical therapy services they need. You will remember that during the last legislature, spinal manipulation bills were introduced in both the House and Senate, but only the House took action on their bill. The House bill was unanimously voted out of the Health Committee and passed the House by a vote of 102-13. Those voting against the bill in the House were as follows: Cunningham, Earle, Michaux, J.Bell, Blust, Boles, Brody, Bryan, Conrad, L.Jonson, Lewis, Malone, and Pittman. Iler was absent. So, everyone else who was in the House during the last legislature voted for the bill. 
If your representative was a sponsor during the last General Assembly, please remind them that they were co-sponsors on the previous bill. The sponsors in the House last year were as follows: Dollar; B. Brown, Torbett, S. Martin, Cleveland, Farmer-Butterfield, Holley, Hunter, and Lambeth. From the day that a bill is introduced, we have only 5 days to gather co-sponsors. Again, it is our goal to get 100 sponsors in the House, so you need to act NOW.
Thanks for everything you've done already and for being ready to execute again this year! If you have any questions, contact Executive Director Nancy Garland at nancyjgarland@ncpt.org.


Getting to Know Your Legislator: Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

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Date: March 6
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Speaker: Nancy Garland, JD; NCPTA Executive Director, former VP
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                Relationship, Relationship."

NCPTA has an ambitious legislative agenda this legislative session and we need your help. In February, HB187 was introduced in the House. We need everyone to be part of the process to get this passed, as well as the spinal manipulation legislation, compact licensure legislation, and to prevent other health professionals from prohibiting physical therapists from providing services they are qualified to provide.

In order to further the NCPTA legislative agenda, you need to get to know your state legislators. How do you do that? Register for the webinar Getting to Know Your Legislator.

  • Learn how to get to know your Legislator
  • Discover how to become a valuable resource to your representatives
  • Determine how the political process works, or doesn't work

To register for the webinar, send an e-mail to Diane Drumm, NCPTA administrative assistant at admin@ncpt.org  

Advocacy Day

Registration Now Open

Date:           Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time:           9:00am to 1:00pm
Location:    NC State Legislature, Raleigh NC

Be part of NCPTA's legislative efforts, by attending Advocacy Day at the North Carolina legislature on Tuesday, April 11 from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Talk to your legislators about issues that are important to physical therapy including spinal manipulation and the Licensure Compact legislation. If you plan on attending, please register here

Congratulations to NC's own Dr. Eileen Carter, MBA, PT, for being slated for the 2017 APTA Elections.

Eileen Carter and campaign manager for APTA Nominating Committee, Dave Quails.



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