Legislative Updates

House Health Committee Votes HB 57 Out of Committee

On February 15, the House Health Committee voted HB 57--The ENACT PHYSICAL THERAPY LICENSURE COMPACT out of committee. The vote was unanimous. The bill was sponsored by Rep. John Szoka, Representative Grier Martin, and Representative Holly Grange. The bill will improve access to Physical Therapy services, allow military spouses and PTs from other Compact states to have their license mutually recognized by North Carolina.

NCPTA lobbyist Alex Miller was interviewed by WRAL after the hearing. Watch the interview here.

A Victory for Physical Therapists and Patients Court Ruling in NCPTA's Antitrust Lawsuit

As you know, the NCPTA has sued the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board in federal court. The NCPTA filed the lawsuit to protect patients' access to dry needling, and to ensure that our members can deliver this safe and effective treatment. The lawsuit, which is available at this link, seeks to hold the Acupuncture Board and its members accountable under the federal antitrust laws.
Today, I am pleased to report a major development in the case:  The Court has ruled that we sufficiently alleged the Acupuncture Board and its members violated--and continue to violate--the federal antitrust laws by seeking to make dry needling unavailable to patients who benefit from it. You can find a copy of the Court's order at this link.
The Court's decision represents a big win for dry needling patients and for the physical therapists who provide dry needling to those patients. Strong public policy favors each patient's access to care.  This decision embraces that policy.
The NCTPA remains committed to protecting the rights of our members and their patients. If you would like to support these efforts as the lawsuit proceeds, please contact us at ncpta@ncpt.org.

Thank you,
Kyle Covington, PT, DPT, PhD
NCPTA President